Collector Reviews

I had the pleasure of sitting for a portrait by Anastasiya Chybireva in 2018. I was so taken with her rendering that I did not hesitate to purchase the painting.

While I cannot speak the language of art commentators, I was struck by the detail. From the greying hair, facial lines and expression, the glint in the eyes, and fizz on the alpaca scarf, she proved to be a sensitive portraitist. The shadows and facial light contrasts, combined with slightly off-center perspective, make it seem that I am walking past a mirror when I pass by it.

The clothing I wore that day (including a hat and suspenders) was not patterned, but was opposing and colorful. She perfectly balanced the coloration of the clothing so as not to conflict with the face. To further bring out dimensionality in the image, she included a muted floral, oak leaf, and acorn background that has a slight halo effect around the head. The background adds yet another contrasting feature to the overall effect Ms.Chybireva created.

I received only positive comments from those who have seen the portrait, and would confidently recommend Ms. Chybireva to anyone seeking a portrait.

— WS Warren

How lucky that we found Anastasiya to be our artist for this painting. She keep us informed from the beginning to finish, from buying the canvas to how she prepare it, she keep us in the loop of what is going on. This painting demonstrated her talent and show us that passion of being an artist. She is highly recommended.    

-Anson. 5’x7′ mural commission, TX

Very professional and talented young woman. Brilliant and hard working. All her work is incredible and multi-faceted. I have known Anastasiya for a very long time, and she still manages to amaze me every day with her work. She is a very unique artist and always keeping us on our toes.

-Anna. Collector,  NY

Anastasiya’s timeless work: I purchased two pieces of Anastasiya‘s work recently: she drew upon ancient motifs and re-cast them through her own aesthetic genius. She is a superior artist and her interpretation of the past masters is timeless!

-Herman. Collector, TX

To understand Holy one must be holy. Without the big heart and God-searching soul it is impossible to create anything timeless. For a painting to touch someone’s soul it has to be created with higher meaning and as the flesh will speak to the flesh the spirit will reach to the spirit. The carnal will perish but spiritual has no end. If you are looking for a piece of art that you can pass from generation to generation stick with Anastasiya.
We have a portrait of someone very special to our family that was painted by Anastasiya and the joy that we get from it is definitely timeless.
-Rustik. Collector, TX

Anastasiya brought her incredible skills of portraiture to the commission while respecting the canons of icon writing. We are thrilled at adding this icon to our icon collection and plan future icon commissions from Anastasiya.
– Theresa. Collector, TX

Anastasiya’s icons of Christ and the Theotokos took my breath away on first viewing! She has imbued a feminine sensibility to a Byzantine tradition and created compelling iconography which draws the viewer into a moment of heartfelt contemplation. Her use of color is radiant!
– M. Lydia, Collector, TX