Student Reviews

I began study with Anastasiya because I felt I had progressed as far as I could go without the guidance of a teacher.  Considering the skills I already had with my area of interest, she helped me understand what it would take to progress further and has since crafted a plan for how to get from here to there. Our classes are in person and casual; Anastasiya is generous with her knowledge and experience as an artist and a teacher.  One thing I really appreciate is that she helps me understand not just technique but why that particular technique, and introduces me to artists that exemplify a particular style.

-Tim. Student

Anastasiya is very talented. What I like about her is that she loves her job and drawing, and can teach very well. I will continue with her for long long time.

-Pegah. Student

Personal approach, proven results. After years of self-study and experimentation with watercolor, ink and graphite nature journaling, I decided that I wanted to try to take my work to the next level. I discovered Anastasiya Studios had openings and was able to set up a private weekly lesson for my daughter and me. The lessons focused on the foundational elements of drawing-structure, form, gradient, composition, and included content we were interested in mixed with new artists, styles and mediums that we would not have found on our own. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results-in looking over the weekly progression of our work, the gains are very impressive. We have become stronger not only in our drawing skills, but in looking, thinking and problem solving. I am amazed at how much Anastasiya helped us grow in the short time we’ve been able to study with her.

I highly recommend Anastasiya to anyone who is looking for serious art lessons. She will take a personal approach to helping you set and work toward your goals, and you will achieve real results.

-Mrs. Carol Andreescu, student.

A Passionate Instructor
I began my architectural journey with Anastasiya in Fall 2015, in a Design Communications studio. It was my first ever drawing course and at the time I couldn’t even draw a straight line. The exercises that Anastasiya gave were almost always in charcoal and graphite, but never both at once. We would draw faces, hands, ropes, and skeletons. I wondered where that sort of technique of rendering everyday objects on paper would prove beneficial in an architectural career. Five years later, I’m very grateful for Anastasiya and her wisdom and knowledge in drawing techniques. It’s allowed me to think in all three dimensions, to view form and light when considering spaces rather than just space and structure. She’s an incredible instructor and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to learn about the subtle yet complex art of translating the real world on to paper.

-P,  Student


Anastasiya was my first professor I took for my Architecture degree. She is very generous, goes an extra mile to help her students, and is very passionate towards her work. I have always doubted myself in terms of art until I met her. She made me do what I always thought I couldn’t do. She boosted my confidence and took my interest in art to another level. After seeing her work, I developed a new love for drawing with charcoal. She is very talented and knowledgeable about her career. I started with drawing a basic egg when I didn’t even know anything about art. By the end of the semester, she made us capable to create the artwork that you are seeing below. Before registering for the studio class, I knew nothing about her. I got her as my professor out of pure luck, and I am glad that it happened. Currently, I am taking my second studio class, obviously with her, again. I wish I can take all my studios with her as she knows how to bring the best out of her students. Her skills and techniques are top notch. She knows what she is doing and thats the best thing about her. Love her work!

– Verma, Student