How lucky that we found Anastasiya to be our artist for this painting. She keep us informed from the beginning to finish, from buying the canvas to how she prepare it, she keep us in the loop of what is going on. This painting demonstrated her talent and show us that passion of being an artist. She is highly recommended.    

-Anson. 5’x7′ mural commission. TX

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I aspire to capture nuances of human character in a timeless manner. I like to think of this thing I capture about people as the soul. My secret is to focus on the inner beauty of my subject not only the outer likeness. Each person I paint is a puzzle to solve and a beauty to behold. Each portrait process is a collaboration between my subject and my dream of beauty.


15×22″ Head and shoulders $500

30×22″ Down to the waist $900

20×40+” Larger compositions $1200+


15×20″ Head and shoulders $650

34×26″ Down to the waist $1100

20×40+” Larger compositions $1600+


15×22″ Head and shoulders $900

30×20″ Down to the waist $2000

20×40“+ Larger compositions $3000+


8×10″ with genuine gold leaf – $800

10×16″ with genuine gold leaf – $1100.

16×22″ with genuine gold leaf – $2000.


I create Illustrations in Charcoal, Oil as well as Digital in Procreate.

Prices range from $400 – $1000 based on the size and intricacy of the work.

The prices are approximate. Send me additional information and/or your reference photos for a more accurate estimate.

Please Contact me with any questions

Inquire about Commission

I work with layaway plans through PayPal. You can pay out your commission in up to 12 months.


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