Oil Material List : focus on skin tones

*feel free to use different materials that you have or wish to buy Paint: Windsor and Newton or Rembrandt is the preferred brand. I would HIGHLY discourage you from buying Student Grade Paint, it is of the VERY poor quality. If you are very limited on the budget, buy LESS of the ARTIST GRADE PAINT that I am recommending here. It is better to use three tubes of good paint then thirty paints of poor quality. Necessary: Titanium white Transparent oxide yellow Cadmium Orange Cadmium Red Alizarine Transparent Oxide Red Viridian Ivory Black Ultramarine Blue Raw Umber Recommended: Quinacridone Magenta – My personal Favorite Burned Siena – very useful Ivory Black Very Useful Cinnibar Green – Beautiful for flesh tones Permanent Mauve – My personal Favorite Terra Verte – Very Useful Indian Yellow Deep – Great glazing color Brushes : #4 round, #6 round, # 5 filbert, # 8 filbert Affordable Finer My favorite *Brushes are a matter of taste. If you know which once you like – please follow your grove. Support: you will need 2 of either. 16×20″ is best size to get. Better Canvas – it is oil primed and provides best results. Affordable Canvas– totally fine for our purposes. or Panel – as you see panels are pricey. During the workshop I will share my technique to make them yourself for a fraction of the cost with Home Depot materials. Solvent: Gamsol we will learn working solvent free, but in the initial stage of painting solvent is recommended Medium: Cold Pressed linseed oil Varnish (Optional): Gamvar (retouch varnish) Palette: Affordable one Nice one I highly recommend this container to save your paints overnight, make sure that size fits your palette. we will also need : paper towels (shop grade is preferable) or old rags a glass or metal container for solvent *any tin can or mason jar and glass or metal small container for oil Here are nice onces Easel: For the purposes of this workshop any way you can mount your canvas vertically would do. Here is a nice and affordable easel FYI All this being said. If you don’t have any of these things — NO WORRY. Make sure you have some paint, a brush and what to paint on and you are ready to learn!