Drawings :

Charcoal/ Pastel monochrome Portraits :

Size options:

•Head (bust) – 350 per person

•Half figure (portrait to waist level with hands) – 500 per person

•Full figure 700 per person

Options on paper :

•Grey paper with black and white charcoal and chalk drawing.

•chalk drawing on white paper

Paper choice does not affect the price

Paintings :

Size options:

•Head (bust) – 1100 per person

•Half figure (portrait to waist level with hands) – 2400 per person

•Full figure 3200 per person

*framing separate 

General procedures :

  • I take 30% of the commission upfront, other 70% due upon delivery.
  • I offer 10% commission referral “thank you” in cash to whoever brought me a paying customer. If you have friends who want to commission a drawing or a painting — I’m your girl 🙋🏻‍♀️
  • I prefer to work from life. 3 sessions for 2 – 3 hours each puts a great base to a portrait from life which I can conclude from photos. 
  • If life presence is not possible the commission can be done entirely using photo references. I prefer to take my own reference photos with my Nikon d810. I strongly insist on working from refs I personally took because I use a camera that provides great color accuracy, offers a very high resolution and allows me to shoot in RAW format for post editing. It also allows me to have more control of the composition.
  • I can share some nice shots for free to add to your family collection upon the photo session. 
  • In cases when it is impossible to photograph the subject(s) I will work from the references you provide. The quality of my work does depend on the information I collect from the references; think quality. 
  • For a painting commission I find it helpful to meet in person to do some color studies and / or sketches from life if possible. 
  • For additional 10% commission fee I can create two signed and numbered Giclee prints from your artwork. It makes valuable and unique gifts for family and close friends.

Thank you